Case Studies: A Journey of Collaboration and Transformation with Video Translator AI

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Video Translator AI rebranding

In 2021, we had the privilege of meeting Tat Banerjee, the founder of, through the one of biggest freelance platforms. This encounter marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration to handle various tasks and improvements for one of their websites that provides solutions to emergency services, space logistics, and on-demand IoT, the Through this case study, we will explore the milestones and outcomes achieved during our journey together.

The Process

A Pioneer in AI-powered SaaS Translation Tools

Video Translator AI emerged as a pioneer in AI-powered SaaS video translation tools when it was first released in 2018. At that time, AI technology had yet to gain widespread popularity. The innovative nature of the tool paved the way for its success and positioned it as a game-changer in the field of translation.

World flags
World flags

Towards the end of 2022, underwent a significant rebranding initiative, which included a revamp of their website and apps. The rapport established with Tat led him to approach and entrust us with this crucial task. We embarked on a journey that involved understanding the client's vision, conducting extensive research on their data analytics from previous years, comparing competitors, and aligning our efforts with the brand guidelines resulting from the rebranding process. In line with our commitment to delivering high-performing and scalable websites, we have made the decision to leverage the power of JAMstack architecture.

A Journey of Learning and Growth

Through continuous brainstorming sessions and meticulous attention to detail, we translated low-fidelity wireframes into high-fidelity designs that captured the essence of the revamped website and produced high-quality output that exceeded expectations.

Wireframes of
Wireframes of

The weeks and months dedicated to this project flew by unnoticed, as the process proved engaging, challenging, and enjoyable.

"As freelancers, we appreciated the trust placed in us by Tat and his team, allowing us to immerse ourselves in unfamiliar technologies while maintaining a strong focus on meeting the client's expectations."

This article serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the rewards of embracing new opportunities.

Research and Customization

In addition, we dedicated substantial effort to researching the new technology stack provided, ensuring we were equipped with the necessary tools to deliver exceptional results. Understanding that our client's ease of content management was paramount, we delved into creating new plugins and customization options to streamline their workflow. By carefully tailoring the website's backend and implementing user-friendly interfaces, we aimed to make their life easier when it came to handling and updating content. Our commitment to understanding and implementing these technologies exemplified our dedication to providing a seamless and efficient user experience for clients and their audiences.

Data Migration

During the website revamps, we undertook the intricate process of migrating data from Forestry's format into Strapi, utilizing the powerful capabilities of PostgreSQL. We also tackled the task of seamlessly migrating static images to Amazon S3. With meticulous planning and execution, we successfully converted and mapped the existing content, ensuring a seamless transition while maintaining data integrity. By harnessing the flexibility and scalability of Strapi and the robustness of PostgreSQL, we transformed the content management system into a streamlined and efficient platform. This data migration process exemplified our dedication to providing a seamless experience for Video Translator AI, empowering them with a robust backend system to manage their content effortlessly.

SEO Impact

As part of the website revamp, we introduced a new website structure that supports multi-language features, empowering them to reach a global audience by seamlessly translating their content into multiple languages. We were mindful of the potential SEO impact during the website revamp. Through meticulous planning and implementation of SEO best practices, we ensured a smooth transition, preserving or improving the website's search engine visibility and rankings.


We recognized the importance of website performance and were cautious about the potential impact of various improvements on its speed and responsiveness. To address this concern, we implemented performance monitoring throughout the development process. Regular checks and optimizations were conducted to ensure that the website maintained optimal loading times and responsiveness across different devices and network conditions. By closely monitoring and fine-tuning the performance, we ensured that the revamped website delivered an exceptional user experience without compromising on speed and efficiency.

Performance monitoring tools result
Performance monitoring tools result


The trust and partnership forged between our team and formed the bedrock of our collaboration, enabling open communication, mutual understanding, and ultimately, the successful realization of their website goals.

"We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this transformative journey, which has left us inspired, fulfilled, and ready to tackle future challenges."

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